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    There are many advantages to learning to drive in an automatic car. Of course, the fact that you do not need to worry about learning to change gears means that you will undoubtably achieve or exceed test standard with fewer lessons but this does not mean your lessons should be of a lesser quality. Autodrive UK SPECIALISE in providing the highest quality automatic driving lessons so you are assured of the fastest route to your licence without taking shortcuts!

    Do you want cheap Automatic driving lessons in Bedford?

    If you already know of Autodrive UK then you will probably have heard about our high-quality tuition and great pass rate, however, if not, you will be looking around to find an ideal instructor. Obviously costs are important but do you really just want the cheapest lessons or would you rather find the quality of tuition that will give you the best chance of passing the first time? Learning with Autodrive UK give you the best of both worlds with high quality, cost-effective tuition that can help you pass with fewer lessons saving you time AND money.

    Why not call this [ampm] and let us get you on the road to your licence

    Call John today and find out why Autodrive UK should be your first choice for Automatic driving lessons throughout the Bedford area.

    • DVSA registered & approved Instructor

    • Full hour lessons

    • No car sharing

    • Theory test preparation

    I look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Passers gallery - 25 entries

    Driving Lessons

    AutoDriveUK2017 Driving Lessons passed with Autodriveuk

    First lesson

    AutoDriveUK2017 First lesson passed with Autodriveuk Happy pupil after her first driving lesson.

    Phone compartment

    AutoDriveUK2017 Phone compartment passed with Autodriveuk Make the glove compartment the phone compartment, Using a handheld mobile phone while driving is illegal. It has been since 2003. From 1 March, the penalties for holding and using your phone while driving increased. It’s now 6 points and £200.

    Traveling distance

    AutoDriveUK2017 Traveling distance passed with Autodriveuk Allow at least a 2-second gap between you and the vehicle in front on roads carrying faster-moving traffic. Double this on wet roads.

    Vehicle safety checks

    AutoDriveUK2017 Vehicle safety checks passed with Autodriveuk You wouldn´t fly without the proper checks being carried out,
    so why drive without them?

    2 second rule video

    AutoDriveUK2017 2 second rule video passed with Autodriveuk Traveling Distance

    Pulling up on the left.

    AutoDriveUK2017 Pulling up on the left. passed with Autodriveuk More videos like this in the pupil´s area.
    Click on See more to view the video in full screen.

    Bad Driving

    AutoDriveUK2017 Bad Driving passed with Autodriveuk Comments to follow


    AutoDriveUK2017 car passed with Autodriveuk Comments to follow

    New show me questions for the new test.

    AutoDriveUK2017 New show me questions for the new test. passed with Autodriveuk Comments to follow

    New forward bay parking

    AutoDriveUK2017 New forward bay parking passed with Autodriveuk Comments to follow

    New Driving test

    AutoDriveUK2017 New Driving test passed with Autodriveuk Driving test changes from Dec 2017 - Official DVSA Video

    top 5 test question

    AutoDriveUK2017 top 5 test question  passed with Autodriveuk Comments to follow

    pull up on the right and reverse

    AutoDriveUK2017 pull up on the right and reverse passed with Autodriveuk One of the new elements of the driving test in December.

    Driving test changes from Dec 2017

    AutoDriveUK2017 Driving test changes from Dec 2017 passed with Autodriveuk Driving test changes from Dec 2017 - Official DVSA video


    AutoDriveUK2017 Dragana passed with Autodriveuk Thank you, For everything, being the best and most patient instructor. Could not have done it without you. See you soon for motorway lessons.


    AutoDriveUK2017 Conner passed with Autodriveuk John you made the lessons fun, looked forward to have each lesson. Thank you for your help and getting me on the road so quickly.


    AutoDriveUK2017 Tia passed with Autodriveuk Thank you John, the lesson were always fun and you never made me feel like i could not do it. You always found away to make it work for me.


    AutoDriveUK2017 Michael passed with Autodriveuk Thank you for making it so easy to learn to drive. See you soon for pass plus lessons.

    Not so Happy

    AutoDriveUK2017 Not so Happy passed with Autodriveuk Be careful out there.

    Auto lessons

    AutoDriveUK2017 Auto lessons passed with Autodriveuk This is an interesting read.
    MANUAL cars could disappear from UK roads within 10 years as motorists ditch the gearstick for automatics.

    passing cyclists

    AutoDriveUK2017 passing cyclists passed with Autodriveuk Good way to remember the distance to give a cyclist

    Understanding traffic signs

    AutoDriveUK2017 Understanding traffic signs passed with Autodriveuk How to understand traffic signs.

    Blue Lights Aware

    AutoDriveUK2017 Blue Lights Aware passed with Autodriveuk How to deal with emergency vehicles on blue lights calls.

    Country roads

    AutoDriveUK2017 Country roads passed with Autodriveuk Comments to follow

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