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    38 passers comments


    " If you ever felt you will never be able to drive ; if you ever felt that probably driving is not for you; if you were too worried about the small or big mistakes or simply felt scared,then Brad is " your Man "!Very easy to talk to,always in a good mood,fantastic teacher.Brad wasn´t my first driving instructor but definitely my last as I passed my test :-) I think Brad is an example of someone who loves and enjoys driving himself and is able to teach the others feel the same way :-) Thank you,Bradley!!" Irina


    Best lessons ever with Brad.One of mine dragged from 2 hours to 4 hours because of heavy snow.Never forget that day.Lessons are chilled out and proffesional and he will have you passed in no time. If your looking for lessons or know someone who is looking, Brad is the man


    3 Months ago, I had my first ever driving lesson with Bradley. I was nervous but he put me totally at ease from lesson one. Throughout my lessons Bradley has been a fantastic instructor, with a friendly and positive attitude towards driving, and even when your having a bad lesson, he´ll keep you motivated and make sure you don´t walk away from a lesson feeling unhappy about your drive! Today I sat my driving test and passed first time. I can´t thank him enough, a few months ago I´d never have thought I´d be in this position and I couldn´t be happier!
    Would highly recommend Bradley to anyone


    "After failing 3 times 13 years ago I decided to give up on driving. I thought id give it another go and my girlfriend purchased me the 4 hr package for 40 pound with Bradley´s School of motoring. Within 10 mins I knew I´d made the right choice, Brad has been a great motivator and we had such a laugh too :-). It could be easy to shop around and yes you might find a cheaper lesson elsewhere but remember you get what you pay for!! I passed my test on the first go under Bradley, Was very nervous but the skills within his teaching were enough for me, I know if I r nervous id have passed with maybe 1 or 2 minors at the most, I passed with 7 minors and some great memories!!, Brad your right you never forget your driving instructor ;-) I can never thank you enough as you gave me the freedom I thought id never have!! Hands down the best instructor this side of the country in my eyes. "


    Bradley is a brilliant instructor he made me feel at ease and always believed in me even when I didn´t believe in myself! He´s very passionate about his role and clearly loves what he does! I passed 1st time with only 2minors and that is all down to Bradleys teaching methods. I started out with no confidence in my ability to drive but Bradley soon had me believing in myself. Thank you so much Bradley


    Thank you to Bradley for getting me over my terrible nerves and making me confident enough to pass my test.

    Bradley is friendly, professional and a brilliant instructor.


    I´ve been learning to drive on and off for over 10 years and I was starting to think I´d never master a manual car, but from the very first lesson Brad simplified everything and all of a sudden it was clicking. everything that I had previously struggled with Brad made easy and in 6 short months I passed my test with flying colours.
    I cannot recommend Brad enough.


    "Since I failed my test earlier in the year, I am so glad I took up lessons with bradley.Very good teacher, well recommended"


    Bradley is a fantastic instructor! The very first lesson i felt at ease and the nerves went instantly. He has a very calm nature and the best sense of humour!! I will miss this as I´ve passed first time but seen as im going to do the pass plus, he wont get rid of me that easily!!! I will be recommending him to anyone that wants to pass their driving test!!!


    "Brad become my insturctor when I moved to Reading having already failed my test twice.I got on well with him straight away, and appreciated his calm and relaxed style of teaching. He gave me a lot of useful tips that helped with areas of driving I was having difficulty with and I felt myself improving week by week. I`d recommend Brad to anyone learning to drive, he`ll make you feel at ease as soon as you get in the car and will teach you everthing you need to know."


    "Found Bradley to be an excellent teacher and calming influence. Always had a laugh passed first time would recommend to anyone."


    I was very nervous about learning to drive and after I approached a lot of different driving instructors but I never actually committed to any lessons, a friend recommended Bradley. He was friendly and really patient with me and let me learn at my own pace. He explained everything to me so clearly and didn´t laugh even if I did ask stupid questions! He built up my confidence and really supported me through any struggles I had. I would recommend Bradley to anyone thinking about learning to drive. Thanks Bradley


    I couldn´t recommend Bradley enough!!! I thought at 34 I was too old, lacked confidence and just too nervous to finally learn to drive. But Bradley did a fantastic job of relaxing me and putting my mind at ease. Even when I felt like crying and giving up because I couldn´t do a manoeuvre or I just felt like I ´just wasn´t getting it´, he managed to calm me down, told me to put it behind me and move on.
    I gave myself 6 months to pass my test but I managed to do it in 4. I was nervous as hell but Bradley would not have allowed me to do it if he didn´t feel that I was ready. Thank you SO much Bradley!!!!


    I would definitely highly recommend Bradley! He has a calm and relaxed approach which, despite being very nervous for the test, calmed me down in no time! He is very patient and is great at giving you the confidence needed! If you´re struggling to choose a driving instructor, I guarantee Bradley´s the one!


    "I decided to learn how to drive in Reading with Bradley after failing the test in a different area.
    He´s very calm and is very friendly which helped with my concentration as I didn´t panic whenever I made mistakes. He would calmly guide you through your problem and keep helping you make improvements. He also explained everything nice and clearly so I understood.
    Whilst I didn´t drive with him for very long, he really sharpened up my driving skills and I feel like I´ve come away a much safer and smarter driver because of him! I would definitely recommend him!"


    When I started my lessons with Bradley, I had only 4 weeks until my driving test, but even with this tight time frame I still passed first time! As I’m a university student home for the summer, I had unlimited availability and Bradley was able to give me 16 hours of lessons in just the first 2 weeks, and then several more in the last 2 weeks. This intensive approach to driving really worked for me and I felt comfortable behind the wheel in no time. The car itself (Ford Fiesta) is very modern, easy to operate and a joy to drive. As for Bradley, he is a great driving instructor - very friendly, patient, always on time and more than helpful, answering any and every question I threw his way. I felt totally prepared for my driving test as he tailored my lessons to strengthen my weaknesses - he did this by reviewing my performance at the end of each lesson in his organised notes. I also knew the test area very well from all of my driving experience, which made for a more relaxing driving test. We got on very well and I would definitely recommend him to a friend! Many thanks to you Bradley for passing me first time!


    Having just passed my test, I´d like to say a massive thank you to my instructor Bradley. You know a great instructor when they´ve come recommended by trusted family and friends which is how I heard of him initially. From the very first lesson he was calm, friendly and encouraging which really helped my nerves. If you´re looking for an experienced instructor who will motivate you and constantly build your confidence through your lessons, whilst making the whole process enjoyable then Bradley is the one for you too! I´m so excited to take the next steps careerwise now I can travel, and look forward to spending quality family time exploring new places in the car. Thanks once again Bradley, you´ve been fab!


    Bradley is an excellent driving instructor and every lesson was enjoyable. Felt at ease from the very first lesson and if I was ever nervous about any point of driving, he would make sure that we incorporated it in to the next lesson so I felt confident in what I was doing. I would highly recommend bradley as a driving instructor as he is very reassuring and builds up your confidence in driving :-D thanks to him I passed my test! thank you!


    Thank you so much Bradley for getting me driving quickly. If you are nervous about driving I would defiantly recommend Bradley he has so much patients and really helps you to see what you need to improve on. Once again thank you!!


    Bradley is a fantastic teacher,his calm,professional and friendly approach made for a very pleasant experience.a driving licence was essential for my job,so not only has Bradley tought me to drive he has opened up so many new possibilities in my career.
    Bradley is the best


    Bradley has been a fantastic instructor and all the lessons have been great. I have learned so much about driving in the past 4-5 months, and with the help of Bradley I passed both the theory and practical tests first time! Worth every penny and I loved every moment. The flexibility of lessons has been brilliant and easy to fit around college. Can´t recommend Bradley enough! Caitlyn

    Tahkur (Winnersh)

    I started driving with Bradley in July 2010, after finding his website online. It was so easy to set up a lesson with him. It was my first time driving a car and was really nervous. Bradley quickly calmed me down and kept me calm throughout the 7 months driving with him. When it came to my test, I knew all the routes and was able to drive safely and comfortably. Bradley kept on encouraging me until the start of the test. Also having him in the back of the car helped to calm any nerves when I got into the car. With all of Bradley�s help I managed to pass my test with 1 minor!

    After a couple of weeks after passing my test, I took the PassPlus Course with Bradley. Again, Bradley kept me calm and relaxed while driving on the motorways at high speeds and on the narrow, winding rural roads. He was able to take through Windsor Town, which shows that he has an excellent knowledge of all the towns, not just the local roads of Reading.

    On the whole, Bradley is a brilliant driver and very friendly, talking to you while driving to keep you focused. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is nervous about driving and for anyone who wants to gain more experience during the PassPlus course. And his prices are excellent, especially if you are like me and don´t want too much debt coming out of University.


    Passed earlier this year first time. Amazing instructor and all the patience you need. No pressure or uncomfortable pushy attitude just professional and gentle approach to helping you not only pass your test but also being a safe and confident driver.


    After 8 failed tests at another location and a break from driving, I decided to try Bradley in Reading; best decision I ever made. Anxiety had gotten the best of me and I was just about to give up. I explained to Bradley that other instructors who knew I was anxious ended up spoon feeding me and basically driving the car for me and I needed the opportunity to do it for myself. He took this on board and gave just the right amount of instruction and encouragement. He´s really easy to talk to for any other nervous drivers and listens to what you feel you need. On top of that, he´s very professional, always on time and you always get the time you´ve paid for. He also has great resources that help you understand difficult roundabouts. I managed the impossible and passed first time in Reading with 2 minors!

    All the best


    "I started lessons with Brad based on a friends recommendation and I can see why he comes so highly recommended. Having tried (and failed) 15 years ago to learn to drive, I really liked Brads relaxed, professional and encouraging style. He really helped me to remember all that I´d forgotten and helped polish the rough edges. I have all ready recommended Brad to a few of my friends, I think that says a lot."

    Katie and Dan

    Hi Bradley

    Thought I would drop you a quick note to say thank you and well done for getting both Dan and Katie through their driving tests first time especially as Katie had a holiday just before her test.

    They both enjoyed there driving with you and will continue to recommend you to their friends.

    Best regards

    Ian and Clare


    "Bradley is a friendly,remains calm and in control in difficult situations. Reliable and always on time.Pass my test first time"


    I would definitely recommended Bradley, his calm, friendly and professional approach to driving made each lesson enjoyable. He really boosted my confidence and made sure I was definitely ready for my test which resulted in me passing first time. Bradley is a great instructor and anyone learning to drive should use him.


    After moving several times over 3 years and changing driving instructors 4 times, I finally had the opportunity to take my practical driving test with Bradley. I´d just like to say that he was the best out of the lot! A first-class, professional instructor, Bradley is approachable and easy to talk to. I enjoyed my lessons and he was great at making me comfortable with the daunting thought of driving solo! A friendly guy with a real talent for driving instruction.


    "if ever in doubt who to choose as you instructor choose Bradley, been a mature student who picked from having lessons 22 years ago within a few weeks he had bought me up to speed with things and always knows how to make people feel relaxed and comfortable in there own abilities so much so I have no problems and with great pleasure in recommending him to the students at the school I work, knowing they will turn into safe and confident drivers" marcus

    Lydia (Reading)

    I switched to Bradley´s School of Motoring after my original driving instructor kept letting me down. Bradley was always reliable and an excellent teacher, putting me at ease straight away and always taking time to explain to me any points I had trouble understanding. He was enjoyable to talk to and I always felt I was getting my money´s worth. Bradley was also excellent with fitting my lessons around my work shifts.

    Bradley was brilliant at reassuring me for my test and really helped me get my head round the problems I kept getting stuck on. Bradley also took me out during all the snow which really helped my confidence.

    Bradley is a friendly, engaging and competent driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to take lessons


    "Bradley is an excellent instructor,friendly,calm,very understanding and polite with great teaching ability. He made learning to drive an enjoyable experience. HE always took the time to fully explain any queries and was happy to focus on whatever I felt needed most attention. The driving lessons were superb and never had the feeling that I wasn`t getting value for my money. He was very flexible with timings of lessons and adapted the lessons to suit me. For a patient, punctual, and competent driving instructor,I have no hesitation in recommending Bradley"


    When I first started to learn to drive I was a wreck; my nerves almost got the better of me and I nearly cancelled but I am so so glad I didn´t.

    I cannot imagine learning with anyone else but Bradley; he has a way of putting you at ease while keeping you focused on the task at hand so that you learn more in two hours than you ever thought you could. He never doubts you and believes in you more than you do, pushing you just enough so that you begin to believe in yourself more building your confidence. With Bradley´s guidance and knowledge sharing I passed my driving test first time!!

    I cannot recommend Bradley enough, had I been taught by anyone else I doubt I would be the confident driver that I am now.
    Thank you so much Bradley


    Bradley is a fantastic teacher who is always willing to help. Lessons with Bradley are enjoyable and relaxed, which makes learning easier! Highly recommend to anyone looking to take driving lessons.


    i used bradley as my second instructor after first using one of the big driving schools and being disappointed. he instantly put me at ease and gave me confidence, aswell as helping me rapidly progress throughout my lessons with his brilliant teaching! bradley is a great instructor and my examiner in the test even said he has a good reputation within the test centre which speaks for itself!

    Gary (Wokingham)

    I was first recommended to Bradleys School of Motoring by one of my friends who had told be that he was a great instructor and was one of the best. So to save time searching through thousands of driving instructors, I simply took my friends suggestion and booked a lesson with Bradley over the phone, which was one very simple. And so I started learning how to drive.

    When I was being taught by Bradley, it wasn´t a nerve racking experience and I didn´t feel pressurised by any means, he simply acknowledged any problems, made adjustments, and everything went smoothly again. When it came to the test, I felt ready and confident thanks to Bradley and managed to pass my practical with ease.

    Overall I would say he is an amazing driving instructor and is a friendly person, who won´t just sit there in an awkward silence, or constantly talk so you lose focus on driving and would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to drive.


    ´Bradley is a really good driving instructor and always so friendly and chatty, and he would help boost my confidence in areas I didn´t feel to confident in.´


    I would highly recommend Bradley to anyone thinking of learning to drive. I had a bad experience with a previous instructor that had put me off learning for 13 years. when I was ready, I began lessons with bradley as his testimonials showed he had helped many older drivers through their test. I was very nervous but from the first lesson, he helped me feel confident enough to continue by creating a friendly and relaxed environment. I found him to be an excellent teacher who would always take time to explain any points i was unsure of and provided encouragement where needed. thanks to bradley I was able to pass my test first time!

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