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    Drive It Online offer affordable driving lessons in and around the Trowbridge and surrounding areas. Courses are designed to suit the individual pupil, so you will be taught at the best pace to suit you.

    38 passers comments

    Hannah E - Trowbridge

    Just passed my driving test first time (28/10/13) with Tony. Absolutely brilliant driving instructor!! Every lesson is a lesson to look forward to. Completely puts you at ease!! Could not recommend him highly enough as an instructor. Looking forward to now driving on my own, with the skills he has taught me. Hannah

    Antonia W

    I have had two previous driving instructors but neither were as good as Tony. I was very nervous about starting to drive again after having failed two tests over two years and hadn't driven for a long time. But Tony was very patient, made me feel calm and relaxed and reminded me that you should enjoy driving - which I do now! I couldn't recommend him highly enough as an instructor.

    Courtney W - Trowbridge

    THANK YOU for guiding Courtney to passing her driving test. You´ve done a fab job and she´s over the moon. Will recommend you to all Court´s friends.

    Anna H - Calne

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for getting me through my test today, you helped me to be more confident and to believe in my ability, you were a fantastic, laid back, fun instructor and I am so glad you agreed to teach me.
    Thank you also for the catch phrase you use, it stayed with me and kept me calm throughout my test - "Think Jamaican" 😊

    Emma Weston - Trowbridge

    I was very pleased with the tuition I received from Tony. I was pleased he would go the extra mile, where needed, to make sure weak errors were addressed. A very nice chap and a excellent teacher. 10/10

    Leona C - Chippenham

    Tony has been by far the best instructor I have had! He is patient, encouraging and makes you feel at ease and in control during lessons. I only passed 1st time with Tony in the short time he was teaching me! 10/10 Highly recommended!

    Mike Staines North Bradley

    very good and quality value for money, seeing as some of our lessons lasted closer to four hours than the two i paid for, very laid back lesson, just don't expect him on time, and i passed first time, so he can't be that bad.

    David W West Ashton

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for teaching David to drive. His is absolutely delighted to have passed his test first time today.
    He has really enjoyed learning to drive with you, coming home after each lesson keen to share the new skills developed and ´ticks in the boxes´.
    Now that he has passed his test, I have stressed to him the importance of self-discipline when driving and to continue to build on all those good skills and road conduct he has learnt with you.

    Many thanks once again. We have a very happy son today!

    Megan N - Trowbridge

    Tony is a great instructor, he gave me loads of confidence and I found him to be a great teacher.He explains everything in clear detail and I like his teaching style.I felt at ease when driving and learnt very quickly.

    I strongly recommend ´Drive-it´because of the friendly service and I often got more time than I paid for.

    Latoyah C - Trowbridge

    Tony has to be the most patient instructor in the world. Dedicated to his pupils and has made this whole experience as stressless as possible! Passed first time, under a lot of pressure. Couldn´t have done it without Tony!!!! Thank you.

    Jamie Evans - Trowbridge

    Tony is a fantastic instructor, every driving lesson was fun and enjoyable. I'm the second person in my family to have been taught and passed my test with Tony and I won't be the last. I would recommend Tony to everyone. thanks for everything Tony.

    Jasmine Otterwell - Bradford on Avon

    I would recommend drive-it to anybody who is thinking about learning to drive. Tony is a great instructor to learn with and makes lessons enjoyable. :)

    Emily Edwards - Frome

    Tony is a great instructor, he is very patient and friendly and makes his lessons enjoyable. He builds your confidence with a positive attitude and will never give up on you! Thank you so much Tony for getting me through my test and past plus. I would definatly recommend Tony to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I will miss my lessons very much.

    Luke D - Trowbridge

    Under Tony’s instruction, I went from having zero experience of driving to passing my test first time. My examiner said she felt completely safe with me at the wheel. Tony never failed to put me at my ease. However he wasn´t afraid to challenge me and push me out of my comfort zone but never to a point where i felt anxious or unsafe. I was particularly grateful for the value of his two hour lesson package, which always ran over the time limit. He continuously made sure I fully understood a principle or technique before finishing a lesson. I am incredibly grateful to Tony for making what could have been a stressful and taxing experience, a genuinely enjoyable one. Thanks.

    Lyndsey Powell - Bradford on Avon

    Tony is a lovely instructor to learn with. He put up with all my dumb moments and managed to get me through the test... somehow! He makes lessons very enjoyable and gives some great advice. I would recommend Tony to anyone who is wanting to start driving lessons! Thank-you Tony, You've worked miracles with me!

    Rosie C - Devizes

    Mr S is an absolutely superb driving instructor! as well as teaching you everything you need to know, he can have a joke. He is extremely patient and if you aren´t happy with something he will work with you through it time and time again until you are completely happy! He also makes remembering techniques extremely quirky by using catchy sayings that I´m sure will stay with me forever! He really is an amazing instructor and I would highly recommend him.

    Christian Morris - Trowbridge

    Tony always arrived for my lessons bright and cheerful with a smile on his face. His friendly manner and professionalism helped me to quickly build up the confidence and skills I needed to pass my driving test. He is an excellent instuctor and I would recommend him to anyone.

    Kay B - Trowbridge

    Learning to drive with Tony has been a great experience! Lessons never failed to make me smile, and Tony is a great instructor, preparing you not just for your test, but for your future as a driver. I´d recommend him to anyone! Kay :)

    Lewis B - Trowbridge

    Lewis, and I would like to thank you for the valued professionalism that you gave to Lewis. You really do go above and beyond the call of duties. Today (12/02/2013) he passed with flying colours and was over the moon to say the least.
    You have taken both of our sons through the test, they both passed first time. This is a credit to you and your teaching skills. I would highly recommend you to everyone.

    Jack W Trowbridge

    I’ve had a great experience from learning to drive with Tony. His direct methods are easy to remember, and a lot of information can be learnt in the lesson time. My confidence in driving has jumped leaps and bounds thanks to him.

    Mary Evans - Trowbridge

    Tony, you have been so great and helpful on my journey to being a independant driver. Thank you..Mary

    Ben Yates - Trowbridge

    Tony was so great helping me get through my test. Always giving great constructive criticism and helping me to improve as an overall driver, not just to get through my test. Also, preparing me for life on the road. I would recommend him to anyone thinking of driving, no matter what level you are. I always had a fun time. Thanks so much, Ben Yates.

    Hannah P - Bradford on Avon

    I had a previous instructor before Tony but just never seemed to drive consistently well. After failing previous tests, I was loosing faith. Tony´s methodical techniques were easy to understand and apply. Lessons never failed to make me laugh! Tony was very patient, made me feel calm and relaxed and reminded me that you should enjoy driving - which I do now! I couldn´t recommend him highly enough as an instructor. I passed first time with him. What he taught me has kept me in good stead for being on my own on the road!

    Sian - Dilton Marsh

    Absolutely fantastic Instructor. Gave me the kick up the backside I needed. Supportive, patient and very flexible around my working hours. Would definitely recommend to anybody!!

    Thank you Tony!! :-)

    Chloe L - TROWBRIDGE

    Took up with Tony two weeks before my test as I had no hope of passing. Tony took me back to basics and was so patient with me, in the two weeks he took me for 20 hours of instruction, it was a massive effort on his part. I have said a massive thank you to him and I am so appreciative of his efforts on my behalf. Would recommend Tony he was brilliant.
    Thanks again Tony

    Jason R - Chippenham

    Thank you Tony for all that you´ve done for me. I´m on the road now! :-) Jason

    David M - Trowbridge

    When I started my lessons I was quite nervous but Tony put me at my ease and gave me the confidence I needed. With each lesson my confidence grew and I believe that it was definitely due to Tonys guidance that I was able to pass my test first time.

    Lizzie Blagbrough - Winsley

    I began lessons with Tony a couple of weeks before I was due to take my test, due to a need to change instructors. Tony was brilliant from the start! He assessed my capabilities and proceeded to get me up to scratch by dedicating lots of lesson time to me before my test. Tony is a patient instructor, who makes learing to drive fun. His friendly teaching style will put any new driver at ease, and prepare you well for the all important test. Lizzie

    Danielle C - Trowbridge

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work, time and patience. I´ll definitely be recommending you to my friends :-)

    Joanne A - Trowbridge

    Just wanted to say a big THANK-YOU for persevering with me and putting so much effort into teaching. I´m not sure I would have stuck at it otherwise!

    I´ll see you for the Pass Plus! Thanks, Jo

    Antoni Przybylski - West Ashton

    I couldn't have asked for a better instructor, Tony is patient and professional and truly shows a passion for his job.
    I recommend Drive-it to anyone who wants quality tuition and to become a competent driver.

    Alice M - West Lavington

    I would just like to say a massive thank you to Tony. I had a few lessons with another instructor and then stopped driving for 10 months, and then I got recommended 'drive it' and I passed first time! This was because Tony made me feel so relaxed with my driving experience. Although the nerves got to me on the day. I would recommend Tony to anyone.

    Hannah Martin - Trowbridge

    Tony was a brilliant driving instructor, he really helped with my confidence. Without Tony I wouldnt have been able to pass first time. Thanks Tony, will definitely be going back to Tony for pass plus. I'd definitely reccommend him to friends :) Thanks

    Josh Comley

    Tony was an exceptional driving instructor, friendly, reliable and
    always giving great, practical advice on not only how to pass your test
    (first time :d), but on how to actually drive. He was always thorough yet
    patient, and i would recommend him to anyone without a second thought, and
    intend to!

    Molly B - Trowbridge

    Tony very quickly proved himself to be an exceptional driving instructor, always making lessons fun and enjoyable. I couldn´t believe the amount of progress I made in such a short space of time and the confidence I gained from my lessons. I would highly recommend Tony to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive quickly, safely and pass first time round. Molly :)

    Jessica S Trowbridge

    Tony is a great instructor and shows you what you need to know and so much more! always look forward to my lessons and not only does tony instruct he also knows how to make them enjoyable and have a laugh! thank you for all the time you have put in, couldn't of asked for any more! cheers tone :)

    Naomi Henshall - Westbury

    Tony was a great instructor, I allways looked forward to the lessons
    that we had. Tony builds your confidence so you
    are ready to drive by yourself. I allways enjoyed my lessons ... a bit
    sad that we will not have any more. Thanks for everything Tony, great instructor, learn to drive with drive-it.

    Luke P - West Ashton

    Tony's patience, knowledge and passion for me to become a safe and smart driver was the core reason for me passing my test. Would reccommend him to anyone as I couldnt have asked for a better instructor.

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