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    offering Driving Lessons in Hitchin with approved driving instructors. Learn to drive with this highly recommended driving school

    Passers gallery - 8 entries

    Rebecca Razanno

    hitchin2017 Rebecca Razanno passed with Hitchin Driving School "It was really great learning to drive with Mark as he explains very well and always accompanies the explanations with drawings and notes. I enjoyed the lessons very much and Mark is a very patient and encouraging teacher. The lessons were always well structured which made it easier to understand what I needed to work on in order to improve. Being French, I had to drive on the other side of the road which was...interesting at first but not a problem after all! It has been a great and rewarding experience! Thank you so much Mark!"

    Rebecca Razanno from Princess Helena College, Preston.
    Passed first time on 18th March 2014

    Cindy Brown

    hitchin2017 Cindy Brown passed with Hitchin Driving School Mark’s teaching style definitely suited me, there was never a boring lesson and it was nice to chat but also have moments when I needed to just concentrate. It was also nice when I could use my initiative and figure out how to do things without any help and Mark always provided plenty of encouragement to keep me motivated. He always kept me informed of my progress and any areas that we would be working on during the following lesson. I liked being able to have a chat but without forgetting the importance of my lessons and I enjoyed seeing the results when improving. My lessons were always fun and it’s nice to have the weight off my shoulders now that I have passed

    Cindy Brown of Wilshere Crescent, Hitchin
    Passed first time on 30th July 2014

    Zoe Bridge

    hitchin2017 Zoe Bridge passed with Hitchin Driving School "I enjoyed that all my lessons were relaxed and I never worried about going wrong because I always knew that you didn’t mind me making mistakes and would help me if I felt I was way out of my depths, but that you wouldn’t always tell me exactly what to do all the time if you felt I was capable of deciding for myself which helped me to increase my confidence as a driver, and I think without this I wouldn’t have been able to be confident enough to take a test. When I had my first lesson I was terrified and never thought I’d be able to drive but I felt comfortable with lessons because I always felt like you understood how new learners feel and so I knew we wouldn’t be tackling the dual carriageway on my second lesson! I never thought that I would enjoy driving however having such relaxed lessons meant I looked forward to going out driving again. Even after I’d had some lessons where everything seemed to go wrong, you always found something that I’d done well and so I never lost motivation. Thank you for everything you taught me I never thought I’d get to this stage, and be driving on my own. I’d recommend you as a driving instructor to anyone who was looking, and you’ve helped me to enjoy driving instead of just be able to drive, so thank you so much!"

    Zoe Bridge of Browning Drive,Hitchin

    Passed first time on April 27th 2015

    Lee Sargent

    hitchin2017 Lee Sargent passed with Hitchin Driving School "The best part of learning to drive with Mark was the relaxed atmosphere, Mark was very patient with me and I was never made to feel stressed or awkward.Before setting off he would always go through what the lesson will consist of and they were always highly enjoyable. He would let me know how I was getting on and keep me informed of what I needed to practice on in order to be ready for my test and Mark always ensured I was confident moving onto new things before carrying them out and always helped if I was unsure or nervous.He was always on time and the car was always clean, always made time for me especially on the build up to my test. . I felt confident for my test and was much due to Mark’s encouragement. I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor, very well presented, professional and with a great personality to top, it felt like driving with a close friend instead of a driving instructor"

    Lee Sargent of Folly Close, Hitchin
    Passed 1st time at Letchworth on 17th February 2016

    Jack Noble

    hitchin2017 Jack Noble passed with Hitchin Driving School "I really enjoyed the general atmosphere of the lessons. They were sociable and relaxed. Unlike other instructors I’ve had in the past his teaching style allowed you to enjoy driving rather than feel apprehensive when going out of your comfort zone. His lessons were structured to ease you into all parts of driving, only pushing you out your comfort zone when he felt it was appropriate. All lessons were relaxed with good conversation throughout. Afterwards Mark was able to give you his honest thoughts on that driving lesson and your overall progress. Mock tests were given in the final steps of your lessons to highlight any areas of improvement to work on in the weeks leading up to the test. He was always encouraging,even on the heavy footed days he told me not to be discouraged despite the rocky ride!"

    Jack Noble of Bedford Street, Hitchin.

    Passed first time on 16th February 2016

    Laura Jones

    hitchin2017 Laura Jones passed with Hitchin Driving School I found my lessons very enjoyable as I was pushed out of my comfort zone and tried new,challenging routes which helped me to progress quicker. I liked the structure of my lessons because I did a range of different roads and the 1hr 30 min lessons worked well as it allowed me more time to get comfortable with my driving and gain confidence. Mark always gave positive feedback and possible areas for improvement which meant I was aware of the areas that I needed to concentrate on and practice more. His level of teaching suited my ability whilst also pushing me to try more challenging roads and situations. I was given help when needed but also allowed to make my own decisions. I would highly recommend Mark as a driving instructor as he helped me feel equipped to be a good and safe driver.

    Laura Jones of Coleridge Close, Hitchin

    Passed first time on 14th June 2016

    Alex Cross

    hitchin2017 Alex Cross passed with Hitchin Driving School The most enjoyable part of my lessons was learning new techniques for certain driving exercises to make it as easy as possible and so I could consistently carry out the exercises successfully. I chose you as my instructor after hearing positive comments on your teaching. I felt I could cover a lot in the lessons and focus on aspects to keep improving my driving. Each lesson I was able to learn more techniques and also routes to make things as easy as possible for my test. Your level of teaching always suited my ability, you would ask if I had any concerns or areas that I wanted to focus on at the start of the lessons but would also state what you feel I should look to improve on to help me improve, you helped me feel ready for the test and with the techniques you taught made me feel confident when the test came around.

    Alex Cross of Breachwood Green.

    Passed at Letchworth on 30th January 2017

    Marco Caruso

    hitchin2017 Marco Caruso passed with Hitchin Driving School I was very nervous about beginning my lessons but felt at ease as soon as I got in the car. It was like catching up with an old friend, we had a giggle and then got on with our lesson plan and what was going to happen during the lesson.The best part of my lessons was the progression I made, building on my skills and having fun while learning. I had put driving off for a long time as I had heard a few horror stories from friends however, when I finally decided to book them I was fortunate enough to book an instructor who put me at ease and could have a laugh with. At every stage I felt like I had an understanding as to what I needed to do next and how to get over issues which I had when driving, the example that comes to mind is my left hand turns. You went above and beyond on an evening you don’t normally teach just to fit with my schedule and helped me improve in time for my test. When I had done well I was praised or when I had performed badly we would pull over and discuss ways in which to improve. At no point was I made to feel stupid or bad. I genuinely have no bad words, thank you for helping me achieve something I didn’t think I could do.

    Marco Caruso of Friday Furlong, Hitchin

    Passed first time on 2nd February 2017

    5 passers comments

    Sarah Mills (September 2016)

    " I really enjoyed my lessons, even the early ones where I didn´t know much about driving. I found the pace was perfect, I never felt out of my depth and you were always happy to take time to repeat things. I found that once I knew the controls and could do the basic making the car go forward, it didn´t feel like having lessons in the school sense but like driving round with a friend, obviously focusing on driving and learning stuff but also having a chat and feeling like it was a pleasant hour and a half. Throughout the course of my lessons I felt like I was learning something new each time, so no treading water or feeling like I just paid for the same lesson twice in a row. I also recall being very much the one to get to say when I was ready for the next thing, there was no pushing to do things before I felt ready but at the say time there was support when you could see I was ready to move on to, for example, bigger roads which then gave me confidence to do it.I would add I thought your pass plus day course was excellent. I really gained a lot by having the motorway driving in particular. It was a really well planned day and I feel a lot more confident about driving on motorways, dealing with busier traffic and slip roads. Obviously I will recommend you to anyone learning in the area, including outside my family!! "

    Louise Sillis (refresher lessons) Aug 2014

    "Having dreaded the thought of driving again after such a long time away, I can’t believe how quickly I´ve progressed. I really enjoy the lessons and feel fortunate to have found a really good instructor.I wanted a local instructor who was reasonably priced. I liked the website and the fact that you offer 1.5 hour lessons which are competitively priced. I needed to be viewed as an absolute beginner because it had been so long since I had driven and that the routes chosen have reflected that and that I have been encouraged to tackle more difficult routes as my experience progressed.I feel that I am being taught to drive and not simply to pass a driving test. I like the fact that you focus on safety and encourage me to come out of my comfort zone and tackle roads and situations that are likely to reflect my experience of driving long term. I like that you use diagrams to illustrate situations which helps me to remember them. I find that you’re calm and that I feel that I can ask questions if I feel they’re rather stupid or obvious! I think that’s really important when learning to drive. I also think that the routes chosen have been well thought out and have allowed me to progress at a sensible rate. "

    Juliet Bell ( refresher lesson) Oct 2014

    Prior to meeting Mark I had a lesson with another instructor who made me feel inadequate with his patronising manner but Mark has a very friendly and encouraging personality and he was very calm and kept the atmosphere comfortable. I enjoyed the structured nature of the lesson; even though I was returning from driving after 2 years, it increased my confidence to start with simple manoeuvres before progressing further. It was very helpful to start driving again at an estate with fewer cars and wider roads. I only progressed when comfortable, and felt in complete control. . I felt that the lesson was comfortable enough to ensure that I enjoyed the experience, but also pushed my abilities so that I progressed.After feeling very nervous and uncomfortable driving, Mark put me at ease and I not only regained my confidence but enjoyed the experience towards the end of the lesson.Mark´s manner was not patronising, and instructions were given clearly and succinctly. I was not made to feel small when mistakes occurred. Thank you so much, I feel much more confident now and I´m so pleased to be enjoying driving again. I´m hiring a car in the hope that if I drive on the small roads to start with, it will be enough.

    Jo Roberts (refresher lesson on parking) July 2013

    " I found the parking lesson with Mark very helpful. He de-constructed the challenge of parking into three scenarios, then provided formulas to follow for each of the scenarios. I am confident that if I stick to these parking ‘recipes’ that I will quickly become much better at parking.I was delighted to discover that, by following Mark’s principles, parking was easier than I had thought it was! Mark has precisely those qualities you would want in a driving teacher. He is calm, unflappable and gives clear instructions. He does not make you feel stupid and is happy to go over instructions until he is confident that you have understood them. Mark is a very good teacher and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to become a better driver."

    Kerry Harris (passed 23rd Aug 2013)

    "There were a lot of times when I thought I would never be able to pass my test and drive, but with the help and patience from Mark I am now on the roads. I would get very nervous at the start of each lesson but Mark would remind me of how well the last lesson went and would always start the lesson off slowly.His teaching methods were very good, such as the methods for the different reversing exercises. I also liked how time was given to practice these and the chance to try them again if I wanted to. Mark has a friendly and welcoming manner which put me at ease and everything was explained clearly. Thanks Mark "

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