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    104 passers comments


    Rachel is a brilliant instructor, fair, gets instructions across very well and articulate. I enjoyed every lesson, every mistake was worked on and she made me feel confident.


    Thank you so much! you have boosted my confidence a lot, I can not wait for some motorway lessons with you! You have been a terrific instructor and I can´t thank you enough!


    Rachel, well what can I say she was absolutely fantastic and she has now changed my life. never thought I could do it and I was always so nervous but she made me feel a lot more confident. Rachel I cannot thank you enough. Thank you.


    Brilliant driving instructor, goes at a great pace that is suitable for you and is always very enthusiastic and helpful, couldn't ask for more. Thanks Rachel!


    Really happy and pleased with my lessons, really lovely lady who makes you feel at ease and is so patient. Everyone should learn with Rachel!


    Thank you so much Rachel! you have been really helpful and supportive and worked to book lessons around my busy schedule. So good at boosting my confidence and setting me straight when I started to doubt myself, couldn´t have done it without you.


    I found that my lessons were always really good and lots of practice always took place in them and Rachel is very caring, the lessons were never rushed and she made sure I was ready for what was to come. Thank you.


    Thank you for helping me build my confidence up! you are a brilliant instructor and I couldn´t of asked for better. I can do the school run now for my mum :-) Thank you so much !!


    At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to learn to drive, but after a few lessons with Rachel I relaxed into the experience and came to really enjoy it! Rachel was a great teacher and encouraged me at every stage and was really patient. Thanks Rachel !


    Rachel is a wonderful instructor, teacher & mentor. She's very patient and never gives up. I really enjoyed my lessons and I know that the next pupils will do as well.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work, encouraging words and patience, I will never forget you.

    Rebecca - PASS PLUS COURSE

    Rachel was a lovely, patient and informative instructor. She knows exactly how to build your confidence and how to get you to think like a safer driver. I always enjoyed each lesson I had with her and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to get behind the wheel!


    I am so pleased I chose to do my driving with Rachel, I couldn´t of chosen a better instructor, she is very friendly and makes you feel so comfortable whilst driving. She has helped me pass my driving test first time and I am over the moon!! Thank you Rachel, I am going to miss our lessons !! :-)


    Rachel is amazing!! Not only is she a fantastic teacher but has really made me feel at ease. I would not have passed without her! An absolutly BRILLIANT!! instructor. i will be recommending you to everyone. Thank You!! :-)


    What an amazing driving instructor! Rachel doesn´t just help you pass your test but equips you to be a safe and competent driver. She is positive, patient and very encouraging!

    Sophie - Pass Plus Course

    I booked my pass plus with Rachel just after moving to Milton Keynes and found the experience very beneficial, I learnt the key skills of driving through busy towns and learning how to navigate city centre ring roads and driving on the motorways. The advise and information I received from the course boosted my confidence in driving and my knowledge of driving. I really gained a lot as Rachel tailored the course to new routes I am interested in using on a regular basis. I would really recommend the pass plus as its challenging and beneficial and Rachel´s personable approach makes it enjoyable.


    Thank you so much for your patience over this past year! Thank you for believing in me I got there eventually and passed first time.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!


    Rachel is a very good friendly instructor, she made me feel very confident with my driving, I enjoyed every time I went on a lesson. Thank you very very much.


    Really enjoyed the driving. Felt very nervous at first but in the end got so used to it. Rachel was a great instructor and taught me well with lots of good advice. Thank you.


    Literally thank you Rachel so much! A few months ago I had no confidence in my driving, I am so glad I switched driving instructors and passed first time! Rachel is a really chilled out, positive instructor. I would recommend her to everyone.


    I had 3 driving instructors before Rachel but she was the one that made driving make sense to me. Thank you so much for that.


    Rachel is an incredible instrcutor. I had thought after being forced to change instructors so late in the day that i wouldn't pass, but her patience and experience helped me pass, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to friends, family or anyone!


    With the help of Rachel, I have passed my driving test, I can´t believe I have passed. She is an amazing instructor. She believed in me Thanks to Rachel´s good guidance I have passed. Thank you.


    Rachel is a very good instructor, she helped me in everything I needed. She is also very well organised. She is wonderful.

    Thank you Rachel, well worth it!!


    Thank you Rachel! I have passed my test and gained my freedom and I wouldn't have been able to do it without you! you are a lovely person, one in a million! I would recommend you to anyone who wants to learn how to drive in a friendly comfortable environment. Thank you!


    Rachel is a lovely and friendly driving instructor. She is very patient and takes the time to go over things which you are struggling with until you feel confident and assured. She is very supportive in showing you how to approach difficult situations and her kind and caring attitude will make your experience of learning to drive enjoyable and fun.


    I have to say without Rachel's endless patience I wouldn't have passed my test first time today, and I wouldn't be grinning like a cheshire cat right now!! Thank you so much.


    Great instructor, very friendly and down to earth, fun to be around, I really enjoyed my time whilst learning to drive.


    Driving wasn't something that came naturally to me and there was a point where I thought I just wasn't born to drive. When I began lessons with Rachel she totally put me at ease, continually encouraged me, and challenged me to be the best driver possible. Today I passed first time with only one minor fault and I couldn't of done it without her. Thanks Rachel.


    I could not have asked for a better or nicer teacher. Rachel is so kind and patient and really teaches you everying you need to know to become a good driver.

    Thank you


    Great instructor, loads of fun and really friendly. Made me feel confident and forget about the nerves. Thank you so much Rachel


    Thank you so much Rachel for seeing me through the whole journey of learning how to drive. It was one of the terrifying things I have to do but it has given me so much satisfaction in the end. One of my best achievements in life. you are so patient and knowledgeable which makes you a very credible instructor and excellent in the field. You are also caring and sincere with your students and that gave me a feeling of security when I am in the car with you. I have shared so much laughter with you as well as a few tears during the whole process and I will always be grateful to you for giving me the wings to fly.


    I have to say it has been a fantastic experience with Rachel as an instructor. Very calm and encouraging, she has made me build my confidence at the wheel and on the road. I am off to celebrate my pass which is down to a good no excellent driving instructor!!


    Thank you so much Rachel for getting me this far. I couldn´t have done it without you. I am going to miss our laughs and my lessons. thank you ever so much.


    Rachel is an incredibly good teacher. She had the patience to wait for me to get things right. Thank you for being a good teacher.


    I just want to thank you for everything, you got me through my test and built up my confidence. You are an amazing and brilliant teacher. Thank you.


    Rachel was a lovely instructor! Made me feel very relaxed and I enjoyed all my lessons. Thanks so much Rachel


    I passed first time with Rachel. She is a really great instructor and really helped with my confidence. She kept calm and patient with me to get things right and it paid off. Thoroughly recommend, especially for the prices and the resources the course offered with it.


    Thank you Rachel, you are a great driving instructor. I´ve enjoyed driving so much. Now I can go out on the road by myself :-) Thank you very much


    Although I´ve only had Rachel as an instructor, I can honestly say she is the best! I got on so well with her and she helped me to pass first time! Thank you Rachel for being a great instructor.


    Thank you so much! Its been a journey, thank you for being there, I wouldn´t have made it without you.


    Thank you so much Rachel for helping me to pass my driving test. Having changed driving instructors, coming to you was like a breath of fresh air. You were so patient, calm and genuinely cared about me knowing how to drive safely! you´re a fantastic teacher and you´re definitely the reason I passed first time!!

    Ife :-)


    Rachel made me feel at ease with driving and helped me become more confident with what I was doing. The lessons were always enjoyable and I always learnt something. Thank you.


    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You are the nicest person and the best instructor I could have ever asked for. Your optimistic and encouraging nature has got me through this. Getting this licence has been my dream for a long time and without you it would have never come true. I can´t thank you enough!! xxx


    Absolutely amazing! I felt so calm and controlled whenever in the car. Rachel is always helpful. I am honestly thrilled to have had her as my instructor. 100% recommend!


    I found driving with Rachel relaxing and fun. She made it easy to learn and I enjoyed all my lessons with her.


    Rachel was a fantastic instructor, very reliable and I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. Would recommend her to anyone! Thank you so much!


    Rachel thank you so much for everything, you built up my confidence and had so much patience! you kept me calm all the time, and became a friend as well as an instructor! I am so pleased to have passed my test first time and I couldn´t have done it without you. I would 100% recommend Rachel.


    Rachel is a great instructor and a friendly person. Rachel helped me forget my nerves. I am going to miss our lessons, thanks again Rachel.


    She couldn´t be a better teacher, she´s lovely and is always cheerful. If your looking for someone who will really teach you well its her.
    Thank you so much Rach


    Thank you so much, I'm so pleased with all of your teaching. Thanks to you I have passed. Will be recommending you to everyone. Thank you x


    Its taken 5 years and two other driving instructors but Rachel was the best. She knows how to calm you down so your relaxed. I trust her 110% and would recommend her to everyone. Fab teacher, thank you so much.


    My driving lessons were always fun and Rachel made them very relaxed and easy going. Switching from my first instructor to Rachel was made very easy. I loved every minute of it and she prepared me very well for my test. I am very thankful for her help in getting me to pass first time!


    Top instructor, best I have encountered over the time. I've had driving experiences all over the world in many different countries and Rachel pulled me into British driving the way it should be! Fantastic is the word. Highly recommended.


    I am in shock as I just passed my test!! This is all possible because of Rachel, her patience, calmness and professionalism. Rachel is really one of the best instructors you could have if you want to be the best possible driver and to enjoy your lessons. A huge huge thank you for all your help and kindness. I look forward to booking my children in with you in the future.


    Learning with Rachel was definitely the best choice. So supportive as well as an amazing teacher, she was very flexible to fit my availability. Passed with only 4 minors! Very happy!!


    Driving before I had Rachel as an instructor was a nightmare my confidence had been shattered but Rachel really put me at ease and helped me build my confidence back up, she never judged me or complained. She is very patient and friendly and it is thanks to Rachel I passed first time. Thank you so much. x


    OMG! I passed, never thought I could but thanks to Rachel I have been given the confidence. I always said Rachel has the patience of a saint. You have given me a new lease of life, I can do anything now and I can´t wait to get driving on my own. I can´t thank you enough.


    Rachel is a fantastic driving teacher. I have driven with two other companies before and this is the first time I have enjoyed driving. Rachel made me feel comfortable and confident at all times. Its been like meeting a friend for a weekly catch up. Thank you so much for everything. You have helped me begin my life!!!


    Rachel is a fabulous driving instructor! She is very committed to her pupils. She has heled my confidence immensely. I would recommend Rachel to everyone, Lovely lady. Thank you so much.


    Thank you so much Rachel for everything you did for me, I´m so grateful and so happy I Passed. I´ll recommend you to everyone.


    It was really fun learning to drive with Rachel, thank you for helping me pass! managed to fight the nerves off :-)


    Rachel is a fantastic driving instructor, she had a lot of patience and I am glad I chose her. Thank you Rachel so much.


    Many Many, Many thanks to Rachel for being soo soo patient and helpful all the way. Every mistake I made was pointed out in a very friendly way and I loved going out on a drive with her. A really good instructor and my lucky charm! Thanks for everything.


    Having had other instructors in the past, I can without a doubt say Rachel is the best driving instructor ever!! Thanks so much for being positive, patient and really nice! Hopefully see you out on the roads. Thank you.


    Wow what a wonderful Instructor! I was a wreck when I started and she was just so so lovely. I will recommend Rachel to everyone! and will book in for my pass plus ASAP!! Thank you so much couldn´t have done it without you.


    I have now passed my test! I owe a lot of thanks to Rachel for teaching me and giving me the confidence to pass. It has been a great experience, thank you very much for everything.


    I have been so happy with my driving lessons with Rachel. I passed first time! Thank you so much, I will recommend you to everyone "The best instructor in town"
    Thank you


    Rachel is a person with patience. I thought driving was going to be a nightmare but Rachel proved me wrong. All credit goes to her.

    Thank you ever so much.


    Thanks Rachel, Rachel is incredibly patient. I used to have many bad habits but she helped me get rid of them one by one. I have obtained the licence at the 1st attempt by her great help, that was absolutley impressive! I´d recommend every potential driver to take lessons and see that she´s really doing her job in the most efficient and satisfactory way. Just book one lesson and you´ll see you´ll never give up. She does not only teach you but she also keeps you confident all the time.

    Thanks Rachel!


    I thought driving would be a nightmare experience and I was really nervous but Rachel really helped me with my confidence, I can't thank you enough.


    A massive thank you to Rachel for all of the encouraging help and support throughout teaching me. you have helped me with my confidence and always made me feel so comfortable. I really appreciate all of your support and feel very fortunate to have been able to learn with you! Thank you so much for everything.


    Rachel is a fantastic instructor, very patient and kind. I don't believe I would have been able to pass if it wasn't for all her help.

    Thanks Rachel !!


    Rachel is a fantastic driving instructor! Always calm and giving tips to constantly improve, I went into the test confident that I would pass and I was ecstatic when I found out that I had passed with only 1 minor.

    Thanks for all your support. Tobi


    Rachel was an amazing instructor from start to finish, never gave up on me and filled me with confidence. She has a great attitude and makes learning fun, I will always be grateful.


    Rachel is a fantastic driving instructor, and was clear and precise with her instructions. I found her explanations easy to understand and would recommend her to anyone! Thank you so much.


    rachel is a great instructor, very calm and friendly and she gave me lots of encouragement.
    I will recommend her to everyone.

    Thank you so much!


    After having three different instructors - Rachel was my 3rd she has built up my confidence as a driver so much and I passed first time with 4 minors. She is a fabulous instructor and has taught me so much that I´ll be taking with me, thank you so much Rachel.


    Driving with Rachel was the best decision I made, being a beginner Rachel really made me feel comfortable and helped my confidence improve majorly, and I then went on to confidently pass my test first time. Rachel is a very friendly instructor who I definately recommend!! Thank You.


    When the time came to renew my driving skills after a break of nearly 15 years, I called Rachel for a handful of refresher lessons. Rachel's calm manner and encouraging style worked wonders for my confidence, and with a little practice I'm pleased to say I am now driving better than I did the first time round. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


    I am so happy that I passed my test today. Rachel is an excellent instructor. She is a very good woman, patient, very encouraging and supportive at all times.
    I feel that I am so lucky to have learnt to drive with her.

    I would definately recommend her to anyone who wants to learn.

    Thank you so much Rachel.


    Before driving with Rachel, I was with another company. I finished those lessons with zero confidence. Rachel encouraged me to think better of my driving and gave me back the confidence I had lost. She has stuck by me through the good and bad times and I can honestly say without her I would never have passed my test. Thank you so much Rachel, you are by far the greatest instructor on the planet!


    I achieved so much with Rachel helping me, she is so encouraging and makes sure I always did my best and I couldn´t have done it without her.
    Thank you so much.


    I couldn´t be any happier to find an instructor like Rachel. She made me feel confident even when I felt at my worst. Rachel made sure I was calm and relaxed and always had the patience to keep up with me. This experience has definitely been worthwhile as I have actually passed my practical test all thanks to Rachel. I would highly recommend.


    Thank you so much I finally passed thanks to your encouragement and patience. Thank you, Thank you!!


    Thank you so much for helping me get over this nerve racking experience! having a brilliant instructor like you has helped me pass my test first time. I will miss having lessons with you.


    The whole experience was great. Rachel is a fantastic instructor and a very kind person. I will assure you that at the end of the course with her you will be more than ready to drive everywhere. I will most definitely recommend Rachel if you want to be safe and confident when you drive on your own. Thank you.


    Rachel is an amazing teacher, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor! She explains things in depth and has a lot of patience, she is kind and friendly and worth the money! Thank you.


    Thank you so much. Learning to drive was the scariest thing I´ve done! I couldn´t have done it without you. Thank you x


    Rachel is an extremely patient and friendly driving instructor. She gave me encouragement and support to overcome my nerves, but pushed me when I needed to further my skills. Thanks to Rachel I passed 1st time.


    Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you for everything! I couldn´t have imagined learning with anyone else! You made me feel so at ease despite some of the silly mistakes that I have made. Patience is a virtue that you have in abundance! So thank you once again.



    An absolutely fantastic instructor, very patient and explains everything really well. I couldn´t have asked for someone nicer or friendlier.


    Thank you so much for teaching me how to drive and putting up with me especially when I was going through my "need for speed" phase ha ha!! you have been a great driving instructor and I would recommend you to anyone. Thank You :-)


    Rachel has been an absolutely brilliant driving instructor and I really cannot thank her enough. I quite literally wouldn´t have done it without her! When I didn´t have confidence in myself she snapped me out of it and made me believe in myself. She is a very kind lady who really puts you at ease. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Would 100% recommend.


    Rachel has been a fantastic instructor. She really made me feel confident in my driving, I´m so pleased to have passed my test. Thank you!


    Rachel is an amazing driving instructor who helped me pass first time by teaching me how to control the car safely with good observation simultaneously. She remains incredibly calm in all situations, and I couldn´t recommend her highly enough!


    Rachel is a fantastic driving instructor. She is so patient, friendly, and accommodating. I highly recommend her and I´m so pleased she taught me to drive! I passed first time with 1 minor and this is all thanks to Rachel!


    I first started to learn with another instructor and took 2 tests and failed! I saw Rachels website and booked lessons with her. She gave me lots of confidence and made me calm, she is an amazing instructor and I want to thank her so much for helping me pass.


    Rachel has been so patient & kind to me during my driving lessons. I would recommend her so much to anyone! Thank you so so much Rachel x


    Rachel, It has been a fantastic experience learning the fine etiquettes of driving. You have been a terrific instructor, supportive, well mannered and extremely encouraging. It really has been a pleasure learning from you and I would recommend you 200% to anyone...


    Thank you so much for getting me to drive! You were so patient in every lesson and really helped me feel at ease behind the wheel. I always came away from the lessons knowing that I´d improved, and knowing what I still needed to work on. I can´t believe I passed first time!
    Thanks again


    I´ve a lot of words to say at this moment, really its a wonderful feeling to get the results of hard practice with a wonderful instructor. Big thanks to you Rachel you helped me a lot with your professional and calm personality. Thank you so much.


    When I first started driving I thought I would be terrible but Rachel made me realise I could do it. I passed my theory first time and finally my practical and all thanks to Rachel she is an amazing instructor and I have been so lucky to have her as mine :-)


    You have been a brilliant teacher and you have taught me so much as a driver that I will use for the rest of my life. In a way I´ll be sad not to have any more lessons with you again! Thanks for everything.


    Rachel is really great! I was looking for a female instructor and i'm glad I picked Rachel! She was really patient and made sure I was completly ready for my test. Thanks so Much.

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